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dotCentral is a Content Aggregation Service that provides Program Streams to Broadcasters with Commercial Insertion to Increase the Generation of Revenue Without the Capital Expense.

dotCentral provides streaming functionality for any number of content providers to any where in the world. In addition, Dot Central markets Ad Time to hundreds of markets for as little as $3 for 30 seconds.

Master Control as a Service

dotCentral enables outsourcing of DTV Sub-Channel content and provides:

1. Commercial Insertion of both Local and National spots via a Web-based scheduling and submission application. Does not require additional Traffic or Scheduling software.

2. Overlays existing EAS, bugs, crawls, and top-of-hour IDs.

3. New Commercial Placement of advertising impressions within spot content or as a sidebar, crawl or squeeze-back, creating new opportunity for additional revenue generation.

How does dotCentral Work?

dotCentral brings together those with content to distribute with DTV Broadcasters seeking additional program streams for their DTV Sub-Channels.

dotCentral creates either a Multi-Program Transport Stream or the complete ATSC Stream for delivery to an existing Master Control or directly to the Broadcast Transmitter.

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Revolutionizing Broadcast

  • Minimal Investment
  • Enhanced Sales Exposure
  • Neglible Operating Costs
  • Increased Monthly Revenue
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Money for your Dots
  • Selectable Program Streams
  • Reducing Opex and Capex
  • FCC Compliant
  • Hands-Free Operation